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Brandon Bovell

Social Media & Marketing


Contact Brandon: 954.302.6369       brandon@alterrarealtygroup.com

Brandon is a creative genius and has a peaceful attitude towards life.

Brandon (who happens to be Jude's son) is a motivated, energetic, highly-enthused creative master. His passion for life lies in creativity. Be it writing articles, creating our various marketing items, or his true passion: MUSIC; his creative juices are always flowing.

Brandon has pursued his passion for music since he was 5 or 6. His other passions included clothing and apparel design; anything that gets his brain working. As an avid reader, he's always finding new ways to become ever-more creative.

Brandon began his position with the brokerage near the end of 2016, when he realized that he wanted greater challenges. Since that time, he's taken on a variety of tasks surrounding marketing and social media. He currently does all of the brokerage's social media along with aiding agents in need of a boost.

Following his passion for writing, Brandon writes weekly blogs and also created a series named #BELOCAL, where the focus is connecting with local businesses of all types, hoping to create a true boost and connection for all.

Brandon offers a great supplement to what this brokerage is about - service.

Today, as Marketing and Social Media Director, Brandon's focus is on the day-to-day marketing of our services, lead generation and reaching out to other agents with a key focus on growing our footprint.