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Join The Team!

What if you could have 10 new listings per month?


What if we offered specialized training, marketing and social media support?
What if we also sponsored events for you?
Come Join The Team We offer straight forward commission splits, no desk or transaction fees.

Are you unhappy where you are?  Simply in need of a change? Looking for a different split?  We want to meet you! We’re seeking agents of all experience levels.  If you have no experience we’ll train you.   If you’ve got years in the business, we’ll work respect you.  Commission splits are commensurate with experience.  Newer agents will have lesser splits as they require more Broker involvement.  Independent, experienced agents will earn higher splits.

We offer a unique level of service that only experience can provide.  Enthusiasm and energy are always important, so come learn here.  There is no substitute for experience and the solutions it can provide.   Every agent has a different background with varying levels of experience.

In addition to experience, we pride ourselves on our expansive professional network.  Experience provides those sometimes priceless connections.

You have a license but don’t want to change careers?
We’ll work with you on a straight- forward referral system.  Having a license is great but not everyone wants to use it.  You find the Buyers or Sellers, We’ll do the leg work to complete the sale, and you’ll get paid.  There is complete transaction transparency and you’re in the loop the entire time.  Earning additional income couldn’t be easier.

We’d love to meet with you.  Get in touch and come join us! arrow-small