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Top 5 Food Spots In Fort Lauderdale, FL !

TOP 5 FOOD SPOTS IN FORT LAUDERDALE, FL Maybe you & your family are new to South FL! Or maybe its been a while & you want to know about the best possible dining experiences. Whether you have a new boss to impress at a business meeting, a romantic date night, or an evening out with the kids, we've got you covered! Welcome to our top 5 food spots in Fort Lauderdale! 1. Morton's Th...
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A broker: “Great” vs “Ok”? (Why we Rock)

If you ask someone what makes them great at what they do, what’s their answer?  Some may say it’s their skill, or their knowledge.  Others might say it’s their experience.  Many others merely claim to be good at what they do. At Alterra Realty Group, our primary focus is service, and our service makes us great.   We’re in business to close transactions, but we can’t do that without clientele &a...
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