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Should Sellers Get a Home Inspection?

Should Sellers Get a Home Inspection? It’s easy to grow attached to your home and overlook some of the wear and tear. But while those familiar flaws may feel like home to you, they might not be to potential buyers. After all, if someone is making such a large investment to buy your home, they want to make sure it’s a good product. If there’s any doubt about the condition of your house, dou...
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Mold can be dangerous and it’s not always visible

Mold is a serious issue. Please consider this a Public Service Announcement. If you or your family members (that includes pets) aren't feeling well around the home, coughing, wheezing or just not feeling right; look at your carpet (if you still have any). When you don't have carpet and you're 100% positive you regularly change your A/C filter, start looking for MOLD. We live in FLORID...
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