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Solve Your Biggest Energy Cost Problems

Solve Your Biggest Energy Cost Problems It’s time to start saving on your energy bill each month. You can help some of the issues that waste energy in your home, but there are a couple of details that you may not notice by walking around your home with a checklist. There are many easy ways to lower your energy cost! Some issues require a specialist, other things you can control by simply changin...
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Alterra Realty Group has moved! Enjoy new space with us!

Alterra Realty Group has moved to a new location!  It’s a great 60’s building with amazing brick floors. We are working alongside an investment firm and sharing this amazing space.  We expect to have meet and greet events regularly; please feel welcome to stop by. The building is located in Hollywood, Florida, fronting Federal Highway just South of Young Circle.  The address is 2699 Stirling...
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