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Top 5 Food Spots In Fort Lauderdale, FL !

TOP 5 FOOD SPOTS IN FORT LAUDERDALE, FL Maybe you & your family are new to South FL! Or maybe its been a while & you want to know about the best possible dining experiences. Whether you have a new boss to impress at a business meeting, a romantic date night, or an evening out with the kids, we've got you covered! Welcome to our top 5 food spots in Fort Lauderdale! 1. Morton's Th...
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Water Sports In Soflo !

 TOP 3 WATER SPORTS LOCATIONS IN SOFLO! Its that time of the year! South Florida is scorching HOT again & spring breakers everywhere are looking for the next big thrill to enjoy! Well we've got you covered! From Fort Lauderdale to South Beach Miami! Lets take a look! 1. American Water Sports South Beach There is no substitute for the thrill and excitement of water sports & possibl...
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Helicopter Thrills!

TOP 3 HELICOPTER RIDES IN SOUTH FL In the mood for some air time? If so, we've pulled up the top 3 highest rated & safest helicopter rides around south FL! Hope your not scared of heights! We'd say don't look down... but where's the fun in that? Lets have a look shall we?   1. Florida Helicopters Amazingly friendly and professional staff! These guys know what they're doing! Loca...
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