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Affordable Water Tour’s in South Florida!

Affordable Water Tour's in South Florida! Looking for adventure? Want to get out with the family this Summer? Check out some of Florida's hot spots for the coolest private tours. Take in the sights while gaining informative knowledge about the area! We hope you enjoy. 1. Biscayne Bay Cruise! Most locals will tell you - to really see Miami, you must get out on the water. And there is no ...
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Top 5 Water Parks! (Spring Break)

TOP 5 WATER PARKS YOU MAY LIKE TO VISIT! Whether you're new to Florida, just visiting, or simply trying new things, you've definitely picked an amazing time to do so. It's officially Spring Break! Time for fun in the sun! We here at Alterra Realty Group have happily taken the liberty of creating a top 5 list surrounding the highest rated parks in your area! 1. Rapids Water Park Rapids ...
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