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Water Sports In Soflo !

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Its that time of the year! South Florida is scorching HOT again & spring breakers everywhere are looking for the next big thrill to enjoy! Well we’ve got you covered! From Fort Lauderdale to South Beach Miami! Lets take a look!

1. American Water Sports South Beach

There is no substitute for the thrill and excitement of water sports & possibly riding a jet ski through the beautiful waters of Miami! You got that right. Located at 300 Alton Road, Pier A, Miami Beach, FL 33139. Not only does American Water Sports South Beach provide Jet Ski thrills, but they also provide boat rentals, yacht charters, boat tours, memberships and more activity for all! Hopefully you run into a few friendly dolphins on your way back to shore!

Google Maps Rating: 3.9        (305) 538 – 7549

Visit Official Site At: http://www.americanwatersports.us/

2. Aloha Water Sports – Jet Ski

This is the owner of Aloha Water Sports – Jet Ski, “Sammy” & his trusty company mascot “Kimo”. Chances are, you’ll be bumping into these guys soon if you plan on visiting! Located at 3030 Holiday Dr, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316. Sammy & Kimo hooks everyone over the age limit to participate in Wave Runner activity, Parasailing, Surf Camp & more! With nice open waters & a friendly environment where safty comes first, you cant go wrong paying these guys a visit! Stay safe!

Google Maps Ratings: 3.8         (954) 462 – 7245

Visit official site here at: http://www.alohawatersports.com/index.html

3. Doctor Jet Ski of Fort Lauderdale

Now if your driving through Fort Lauderdale & you just so happen to see this building, PULL OVER! These guys are the real deal. They offer Jet Ski rentals, Paddle boards, Kayak Rentals, Mini Golf & more! High ratings online and tons of positive reviews. This place simply proves that location is everything for a business. And for their line of work, they’ve gotten the right idea!  You can go check them out at 4060 Galt Ocean Dr, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316.

Google Maps Rating: 5.0          (786) 202 – 0507

Visit official site here at: http://fortlauderdale.doctorjetskirentals.com

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