We believe in promoting local businesses.#BELOCAL

Cross-promotion is a great way for us to work with other local businesses.

One of the best ways to build a brand is to get involved with local businesses and creating a “partnership”.  One of the first steps is to get into the community, get known and be known.  Create patronage.  Over the past year, we’ve posted blogs about various local and regional businesses.  We have a growing desire to reach out and touch people.


The goal is simple and straight forward – we want to write about your business, feature you on our website and our social media; promoting your business.  In exchange, we’re asking that you allow us to leave business cards and small flyers for patrons; even becoming a favored partner on your social media and/or website.  Likewise, as we have meetings around town with our customers, we’ll make a point to meet at your place whenever possible.

Blogs will remain on our site and each article we post will include a listing of the business.  We’re happy to customize each post with your input and content.


As this movement grows, we’ll be hosting events and inviting local businesses to partake.

Sign up, learn more and let us grow together.

Would you like to learn more?
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