One Percent (1%) Back at Closing!

One Percent (1%) Back at Closing!

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Purchase & List Through us and receive 1% back at closing.

This summer season, we’re getting into the spirit of giving!  We’re offering money at closing.  Purchase any property through us, and List any property for sale with us; and at closing, we will credit you 1% of our commission (or we will credit you 0.5%  at each transaction).


It’s that simple.

Fill out the form below and after you’ve read the fine print.

It’s great to give, especially around the holidays.  Spread the word! Share the this page!  We’re offering 1% Back to our Buyers and Sellers who register on via the form on this page.  Any contract executed which closes!

On a $300,000 sale/purchase, that’s $3,000; on $500,000 purchase, it’s $5,000. The math easy; all you need to do complete the simple registration form.

Hopefully we have caught your attention and we would like to hear from you. Fill out the form below and after you’ve read the fine print.

money-back-guaranteeThe Fine PrintRecipient of 1% need not be a real estate licensee; however, under Florida Law, the recipient must be a party to the transaction.  This means you must either be the Buyer or the Seller. No other people or entities are allowed to collect this fee other than those whose names are on the contract as Seller or Buyer.   The 1% credit will be written into the listing agreement or included on the offer under additional terms.  The 1% credit is only valid on transactions where Alterra Realty Group is receiving at least 3% total commission on both the sale and purchase; although we will of course be reasonable; the resulting fee to Alterra Realty Group being 2% on one transaction and 3% on the other.  Remember; this is based upon us handling BOTH a Purchase AND Sale, at the same time.  Property listings signed up (services engaged) until June 30, 2018 will receive the credit no matter when they close.

Complete this form to submit your registration for the 1% Money Back Guarantee.  We’ll contact you once we receive the form and get you under way!

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