Is It Time for Your Senior Parent to Downsize?

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Lately, your senior parent’s house isn’t looking as well-kept as it used to. You’ve also noticed overdue bills, laundry piling up, and other signs that your senior parent might be struggling to get by at home.

Could it be time for assisted living, or is a smaller home all that your parent needs?

If you’re tasked with helping a senior parent, use these resources to decide whether assisted living or downsizing is the right choice and plan your parent’s move.

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Helping a senior parent move is a serious undertaking. Not only is there a whole house of belongings to deal with — not to mention the house itself — you also have to convince a reluctant parent that moving is the right decision. However, your hard work will pay off when your parent is settled into their age-friendly home and everyone is enjoying newfound peace of mind.

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